Sinus Agony

I am barely functioning this morning. Last night as I was sneezing, I felt the unwelcome pop from my right ear. Ever since then it has been blocked and the pressure is just making me miserable. I could not sleep on my right side last night because the pressure and the weight gave me a severe headache. I flushed out my ears with the water bulb to see if anything was physically blocking that would wash out, but no luck.

This morning I am slowly making my way through the tasks I have at work and at the same time, dreading conference calls because I am not hearing well through my right ear. Thankfully, I have my regularly scheduled check-up tomorrow morning so there is no point in going to the doctor until tomorrow morning. In addition to my diabetes check-up, I am going to see what the doctor can do about this sinus problem before it gets any worse, if that is at all possible.

On the bright side, once I learned to avoid resting on my right side last night, I got some good rest and I hope to get more tonight. I plan to go to bed as early as possible and to keep the room as cool as I can because that helped me to rest last night.

Because Hal is under the weather as well, we both suspect that there is something in the air here in this apartment that is making us sick. We have about a month until we move away from here and that day cannot get here soon enough. Whenever we venture out in the afternoon we feel better almost immediately, and that just makes us more certain that there is mold or something here in this apartment building.

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