Tech And Health

Every few minutes there is some new story related to the spread of the coronavirus that keeps spreading around the world. There are the voices that want to quarantine and isolate everyone from each other before that appeal to the reactionary types out there, but that is another topic. 
When there is a disease that is spreading, that is the focal point for everyone. Instead, we are subjected to self-absorbed reporting about how the disease will affect the production of new iPhones. This clearly shows how fucked up our priorities are. 

Another Night

I woke up in the middle of the night with Hal The Cat nudging me. Immediately I knew that something wasn’t right, and in less than a minute as I slowly gained full consciousness I knew that my glucose levels were extremely low.
I wrote before about Hal The Cat waking me up in the middle of the night when my glucose levels were low. I’m amazed at how he can sense something isn’t right. Logic and science attempt to explain Hal’s behavior by talking about a cat’s sense of smell. I prefer my version which is based on love and trust that governs his actions. 
No matter the exact reason, I’m grateful for Hal The Cat.