Pushing Through

Today started as one of “those” days. I had a sore throat last night and I suspect that I might be coming down with the local crud. I woke up on time this morning and immediately canceled a morning meeting that I host with the excuse that I wasn’t feeling well. I made the decision to push through as much of the day as I can, and I am more than halfway through as lunchtime approaches.

I plan to get to the grocery store after work this afternoon and then come home to rest and try to recover from/stave off whatever is attacking me today. The temptation to just call in was very strong but I want to save as much personal time as possible for the move during April. Every time that I stretch I feel more and more relaxed, although not necessarily sleepy. If I start to doze off I will definitely just call in for the remainder of today.

I know where I get this stubbornness from when it comes to working through illness and/pr pain and that is from my childhood. My parents never took time off from their jobs unless they were very sick. Simply not feeling well was not even a reason to avoid responsibilities for the day. I cannot honestly say if this behavior is good for me, but it is a habit that has been with me all my life.

I hope that I feel better and that I can get some rest this evening.

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