Things To Do When Someone Feels Crabby

Sometimes we all feel a little crabby, or under the weather. Hal (person) is not feeling well at all this morning and it had me concerned. Hal seldom gets sick, but starting last night he complained about his chest feeling congested when we both noticed the smell of neighbors burning wood in their fireplaces. Personally, I suspect that those people are actually not burning wood, rather they are burning Duraflame fake logs which are only supposed to be used to help start a fire. 

Hal is still really sluggish this morning since he couldn’t sleep last night. He has been in bed all day and I periodically check on him. In the meantime, I’m doing routine stuff around the apartment. One of the most thankless jobs is checking that all the computers, laptops, tablets, etc have their software up to date. At least it keeps me busy on a Saturday afternoon. 

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