Slowing Down

Thursday, or as I like to call it, Friday Eve, is here and the weekend is nearly upon us. I’m already looking forward to some rest and relaxation starting tomorrow afternoon. 

Other than a trip to the grocery store there’s not much we need to do after work this afternoon. I want to get some chicken breasts and veggies for the Instant Pot so I can cook no later than tomorrow night. 

Once the grocery run is complete I believe we’ll be home for the remainder of the evening. I am actually very tired as works draws to a close here. 

When I’m Wrong

I don’t like to admit when I make a mistake. I am only human and mistakes are a part of life but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with.
When I was a small child I said something very hurtful to a friend of mine. I was mad at them and I wanted to make them suffer. When my parents found out what I had said to upset the friend so much, I was forced to go to their house and to apologize in front of his entire family for what I had said, and to ask forgiveness from them.

Too often we see people today who get caught and their apologies are more about being sorry they got caught than about actual contrition. The phrase “I didn’t mean to upset anyone, and I apologize to any I did hurt” is meaningless. Of course, someone was upset or you wouldn’t be apologizing in the first place. As for what you meant to say or imply, that is irrelevant during an apology. Your failed attempt at whatever the hell you were trying to say or demonstrate requires no further explanation.

I cannot understand why people are so deathly afraid of admitting their mistakes. Doing so certainly helps with your sanity and emotional well-being, and it removes stress from you at the same time. It isn’t pleasant to admit mistakes, but it is better than the alternative of continuing on without repercussions for your actions.

The Start Of Something Big

The data of our move is nearly set. If things go well we will move on April 2nd. I am very excited about the move but sad to leave a place we like so much. Unfortunately, the costs here are just getting too high to stay. 

Earlier today the mover we have worked with before came by and he will send us his latest estimate. We don’t expect any complications from him. In the meantime, Hal and I are beginning to box things up that we won’t need before we move.

We have moved many times through the years and this won’t be a problem for us. We are both looking forward to a new place and new adventures for us and The Stooges. We will always survive and prosper, the friends that will be further away aren’t that critical because we seem to be too far away for them to see us even now.

The first of April cannot get here soon enough!