Be Careful When You Choose The Hill You Want To Fight On…..

There is an old saying that you must be careful when choosing the hill that you decide to fight on because it might end up being the hill that you die on. I was reminded of this old saying when I saw an email from one of my bosses. He stated that the project wasn’t proceeding in the way he thought it should. He also indicated that the customer was completely wrong in their approach (his words, not mine) and that if there was no change in the next 60 days, he was going to resign. He has planted his flag on this hill, and he might very well see his career die on that hill in full view of everyone.

My first thought that the email must have been a mistake. However, more than two days later, there has been no recall or subsequent email explaining away the email. In a way, I can understand some of how he feels. It is frustrating to have a vision that looks so wonderful and seems to meet every expectation that the customer has. However, the customer is always right, and the customer pays the bills. If the customer has restrictions on how to improve their product that we create, we have to work with what the customer is willing to support, or we need to stay quiet. 

Watching a train wreck is never pleasant, but it has a morbid fascination and seems to draw attention to itself. I hate to see someone make a pointless sacrifice, especially when it becomes a public spectacle.

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