Starting A Long Weekend

President’s Day is one of the underrated holidays we have because it is the last one for almost three months! I’ve always felt that we can certainly find another group of official holidays to get us through March and April. 

St. Patrick’s Day is the easy choice for March. Everyone could wear more green, and drink more green beer over a three-day weekend even if it didn’t fall on March 17th every year. Therefore I propose that we make St. Patrick’s Day our newest federal holiday. 

April can have the federal holiday of Arbor Day. Everyone is more aware of the environment and climate change, so let’s celebrate the cause with a federal holiday status for Arbor Day. 

June is the next month that unfairly penalized us by not having a federal holiday. I propose that the Summer Solstice be declared a federal holiday. We already celebrate the Winter Solstice with Christmas, so let’s treat the Summer Solstice equally well. 

That leaves us with August. The perfect August holiday to elevate to federal status is International Beer Day. Enough said. 

NoteThe Key To A Successful Relationship

Snoopy and The Gang are exactly right with today’s message regarding Happiness. 

Listening is the most important thing in any relationship, and that’s especially true on Valentines Day. It is impossible to maintain any relationship without communication and the ability to listen. 

Every sitcom ever made has some episode where one or more of the main characters fails to listen to their significant others, and that sets the stage for comic misunderstandings. Sadly, real life doesn’t work that way. Actual people with genuine feelings get hurt and there’s nothing to laugh about. 

Instead of some sappy ending where everyone forgives and moves on, real life situations involve broken trust and damaged relationships. Those events affect our lives moving forward and they are never forgotten. 

Listening takes effort but it’s worth it. If listening seems like too much trouble, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship. 

Just Another Night

My best friends are back. I’m glad they both want to spend time together with me. As long as there is peaceful coexistence on the bed, I can manage to maneuver between these two until I fall asleep again. 
Hal The Cat poses for a picture. 
Jax isn’t ready to pose as much as his older brother, but he’s still adorable.