The week is halfway done. I am still getting over a sinus infection that sidelined me last weekend and wonder how much longer the recovery will take? Haven’t I suffered enough with all the sneezing and not being able to lean my head forward without worrying that my nose will start to leak like a faucet with no washers?

Actually, that last part hasn’t happened since Monday and I don’t want to relive it again. The worn-out feeling persists and I really want to do nothing more after work than take a hot shower and then crawl back into bed. The one advantage is that the meds have helped me to sleep better the last several nights, and there had been no insomnia to bother me.

I know that I am getting older and that any recovery will take longer than it did when I was younger. It seems unfair in a way that as time gets shorter, we need more of it spent on things like recovery rather than adventure.