Time To Go

     Hal (person) and I got some surprising, but not totally unexpected, news late yesterday. As we were leaving to go to the grocery store we found an envelope from the apartment complex. It is that time of the year when we get our letter outlining the new lease prices and our intention to stay/go letter to be delivered to the apartment office.

We were shocked when we saw that they expect us to pay more than $220 more to stay in the same apartment under a new lease. Personally, both Hal and I were expecting an increase in the rent, but nothing like a $220 increase! We have been looking at other apartments for months now, expecting bad news, but nothing like this.

Our minds were made up to move even before we got the notice yesterday, but that basically ended any chance that this apartment complex had to keep us as residents. We have just under a month to let the apartment office know our intentions and by that time we will already have a new place all ready to go to. With luck, we will have everything arranged for the new apartment sometime next month before we even submit the intent to vacate letter.

I don’t know how much higher rents can go in this area. Our next place will be much further away from DC, close to 60 miles, in order to have rent that is reasonable. 

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