My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is never getting out of debt. Our society is made to put people into debt and then struggle to get free from that debt. The system is rigged in order to make sure that everyone feels like they have a stake in maintaining the system because we are all “invested” in it, whether voluntarily or not.

Slavery has long been outlawed, but only that slavery which showed physical chains. What we have now is purely economic slavery where people are put into the system like meat into a grinder and then we all end up as the minced meat that comes out of the grinder. The rich love the system because it creates a mentality that each of us tries to escape from that grinder rather than acting collectively to destroy that grinder.

To fight debt as best I can, I always take a portion of my paycheck and apply it to my debt, above and beyond the minimum payment and hope against hope that the balances will go down over time.

One thought on “My Biggest Fear

  1. Oh god this is so relevant to my life right now. I’m sorry for your worries and what you’re dealing with.

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