Take The Time

Yesterday was OK so far as work was concerned. I got everything finished that needed to be done at work this morning, conducted my weekly meeting without incident, and then attempted to settle in for some computer-based training. Alas, the training website was down so I wasn’t able to make any progress there.

     Each day I learn to stop and detach myself from whatever daily tasks life has thrown at me and just live for a few minutes. Often I am rewarded with a picture because I am looking for something that catches my eye, rather than something that fits with the daily crisis. 

     A good example happened the other day. I was walking to the kitchen on a break from work when I looked down and saw Jax The Cat laying on some sheets that were in a pile ready to be washed. The color contrast was stunning and I immediately snapped a picture of the event.

     Don’t let a beautiful moment pass by. Take the time to enjoy it. 

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