My Biggest Goal

    The latest prompt in my journaling adventure is to describe my biggest goal in life. An interesting question because my “biggest goal” has changed at different points in my life due to circumstances, or to achieving the goal that was there at the time.

    As I sit here in mid-January 2020, waiting for my birthday, I had to take some time to think about the biggest goal in my life right now. Several things come to mind, but one does stand out from the rest.

    I want to retire overseas with Hal and The Stooges. I have no close family left to hold me here, and I love to travel. The cost of living is also much lower in most of the world, so why should we starve here when we can live comfortably overseas?

Take The Time

Yesterday was OK so far as work was concerned. I got everything finished that needed to be done at work this morning, conducted my weekly meeting without incident, and then attempted to settle in for some computer-based training. Alas, the training website was down so I wasn’t able to make any progress there.

     Each day I learn to stop and detach myself from whatever daily tasks life has thrown at me and just live for a few minutes. Often I am rewarded with a picture because I am looking for something that catches my eye, rather than something that fits with the daily crisis. 

     A good example happened the other day. I was walking to the kitchen on a break from work when I looked down and saw Jax The Cat laying on some sheets that were in a pile ready to be washed. The color contrast was stunning and I immediately snapped a picture of the event.

     Don’t let a beautiful moment pass by. Take the time to enjoy it.