Jamming Gears

I am one of the few people left who choose to drive a stick-shift. I only know of one person who qualifies as an ex-friend whom I have not seen or heard from in well over 10 years that also drove a stick, at least at that time. What is it about driving a stick that makes me “stick” to that type of vehicle?

Stick-shift vehicles are an endangered species. Whenever I browse at cars just to satisfy my curiosity I find fewer and fewer options for manual transmissions out there. If I ever have to think about another car, this will make the decision a difficult one because I prefer to drive a stick-shift.

I suppose that one of the reasons I prefer to stay with the stick-shift is my time living in Alaska. The best way to navigate through snow and ice was with a manual transmission to control the torque of the drivetrain on your vehicle. That habit stuck with me ever since and I also believe that most would-be car thieves think twice about stealing a stick-shift because most people can’t drive them anymore. That is often the reason I give people about why I am still driving a manual transmission vehicle.

The irony is that I am so tired today that I don’t see any option other than to stay home after work this afternoon. I won’t be shifting gears because I won’t be driving down the road today.

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