A New Writing Tool

I was rummaging through my desk drawer when I came across a book that I had forgotten buying almost a year ago. I bought the book to help with my writing and then promptly forgot all about the book. I decided to pull the book out of the drawer and take another look at it. 

The book is titled “Choose Your Own Journal” and it is a guide to daily blogging/journaling. It is divided into sections such as “Spiritual Journey”, or “Achievement Journey”. The book allows the user to select any entry to comment on and then provides a guide to the next subject in that particular journey. Actually, this is a really interesting way to guide me through the list of topics.

I remembered why I bought the book in the first place, to help my writing. It is past time to start using this book again to guide me with topics to write about each day. The journey begins.

Jamming Gears

I am one of the few people left who choose to drive a stick-shift. I only know of one person who qualifies as an ex-friend whom I have not seen or heard from in well over 10 years that also drove a stick, at least at that time. What is it about driving a stick that makes me “stick” to that type of vehicle?

Stick-shift vehicles are an endangered species. Whenever I browse at cars just to satisfy my curiosity I find fewer and fewer options for manual transmissions out there. If I ever have to think about another car, this will make the decision a difficult one because I prefer to drive a stick-shift.

I suppose that one of the reasons I prefer to stay with the stick-shift is my time living in Alaska. The best way to navigate through snow and ice was with a manual transmission to control the torque of the drivetrain on your vehicle. That habit stuck with me ever since and I also believe that most would-be car thieves think twice about stealing a stick-shift because most people can’t drive them anymore. That is often the reason I give people about why I am still driving a manual transmission vehicle.

The irony is that I am so tired today that I don’t see any option other than to stay home after work this afternoon. I won’t be shifting gears because I won’t be driving down the road today.