Alive Again

I am continuing my new trend of not titling this blog post like a journal or diary entry. This change gives me a degree of freedom that the journal format did not. I was unconsciously feeling the pressure to write something each day in order to keep myself from feeling guilty. I finally had to realize that I had nothing to feel guilty about. There are days when there just isn’t that much worth saying.

I start today feeling like this is a brand new blog. I hope that this feeling will last and that my enthusiasm will not wane. It will be up to me to keep the inspiration going, but at least I won’t have the pressure of a deadline looming over me every time I type something here.

    Today is a day with a purpose for me. I managed to not spend any extra money over the weekend and I want to keep that trend going today and through this week. Hal and I will be moving in the spring, and there is no need to acquire extra stuff before then. Also, we will need every penny for the move itself and the associated expenses that come with it.