Dreamer’s World January 12, 2019 -Type B Blogging

     Since last night was another spectacular failure as far as sleep was concerned, I did some blog reading and came across a question from a blogger I follow about why no one seemed to read his blog. I know what he was talking about because deep down all bloggers tend to believe that we have something important to say, and that the more people we can reach, the better. 

   I responded by saying the equivalent of what I said in the last paragraph.  I added that once I realized that I was writing for myself and not for the world at large, I lost interest in how many people followed or read my blog. 

     This exchange got me thinking about this blog. Writing this blog is a labor of love by and for myself. I feel no competitive desire to write simply to gain followers. Doing that would poison my blog and I would never be interested in writing again  

     Because I am a type B personality in real life, the ability to walk away from problems is easy for me. I function best without deadlines or constraints. I cannot simply judge how I feel about my blog based on what anyone else may say about it. They are entitled to their opinion and I respect the differences that we might have. 

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