Dreamer’s World January 12, 2019 – Keeping It Simple

     Sometimes the simplest things we see escape our attention until we actively take the time to look and let our thoughts run free. 

     This houseplant has been with Hal and I for almost our entire 20 years together. It has been potted and repotted multiple times and at least a dozen portions of the plant have become independent and thrived either with us, or as gifts to friends. 

     The plant has survived attempts by The Stooges to nibble it to death, it has endured many moves through the years, and it has brought a sense of calm and beauty to wherever we have lived. This houseplant certainly deserves more recognition than it has received. 

     I’m not going to get philosophical and claim that plants experience life as we do, but I can’t help but wonder if a plant has any type of memory? An interesting thought that I can’t answer. I can associate so much of the last 20 years by looking at this houseplant. 

     Green is the color of life, and that is what this houseplant represents to me. We must nurture and care for life, and learn to appreciate the beauty in all things, no matter how unremarkable or mundane they may appear. The longer we care for these things, the more they become a real part of our lives. 

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