Dreamer’s World January 09, 2019

     Awake again in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. It must be Thursday. That reason makes as much sense as anything else right now. 

Hal The Cat

     The heart-shaped image is Hal The Cat sleeping next to me as I peck away on the cell phone keyboard to compose this blog post. 

     Snoopy is trying to tell me that I should be asleep at a time like this, but sadly I can’t force myself to just sleep. There are times like this when sleep is simply impossible, and I just have to force myself to keep moving forward.

Hal and Jax

     And now, there are two Stooges here with me. Jax (on the right side) has joined Hal The Cat and I to share some time together. After a few growls from Hal The Cat about being woken up, things quickly quieted down once again. 

     Hal (person) is asleep in his room either the remains Stooge, Stevie Nicks. Varying degrees of back problems have necessitated that Hal and I can’t share the same bed most of the time. I’m glad that my latest bout with insomnia doesn’t keep him awake.