Dreamer’s World January 02, 2019 – Morning Ramblings

     I am awake early yet again as I get ready for another day at work after one day off for New Year’s Day. Hal and I spent the day together starting with a nice breakfast at IHOP. For a change, we didn’t sit home and simply wonder what might be happening, we got out and enjoyed the day together. 

     Our 20th anniversary is on Monday, so Hal bought me a small gift while we were out. 

     I had to laugh when I saw these. They are incredibly special because they are from Hal. 

     Thankfully, we didn’t spend a lot of money while we were out. There is still the weekend to enjoy ahead of us.

The Stooges are doing well. I think that they are sensing a special day coming soon for Hal and myself and it seems like they will want to celebrate with us.

That is the summary for this morning. If anything unusual happens I will be sure to write another entry later. My time after work will undoubtedly be taken up with cooking and getting things ready for Friday and the weekend.

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