Dreamer’s World January 02, 2019 – Morning Ramblings

     I am awake early yet again as I get ready for another day at work after one day off for New Year’s Day. Hal and I spent the day together starting with a nice breakfast at IHOP. For a change, we didn’t sit home and simply wonder what might be happening, we got out and enjoyed the day together. 

     Our 20th anniversary is on Monday, so Hal bought me a small gift while we were out. 

     I had to laugh when I saw these. They are incredibly special because they are from Hal. 

     Thankfully, we didn’t spend a lot of money while we were out. There is still the weekend to enjoy ahead of us.

The Stooges are doing well. I think that they are sensing a special day coming soon for Hal and myself and it seems like they will want to celebrate with us.

That is the summary for this morning. If anything unusual happens I will be sure to write another entry later. My time after work will undoubtedly be taken up with cooking and getting things ready for Friday and the weekend.

Dreamer’s World January 01, 2019 -Preparing For Something Big

2020 is here at last. The first big event of the year is just around the corner, and that is Monday, January 6th. That day marks the 20th anniversary together for Hal (person) and I. It has been a long, strange trip together but I wouldn’t change anything because all of the events and details are what make us what we are today. We have missed opportunities at time through the years, but the good far outweighs the bad.

I don’t know how much either Hal or I believed that we would still be together after 20 years. Friends have told us that we have lasted together longer than most straight married couples. I suppose that is a really high compliment, even though it does seem like an indictment on marriage as an institution. Perhaps that is why we have never married, even after the option became available to us.