Dreamer’s World December 31, 2019 -It Could Be Worse

     A thought for the last day of 2019. It could be worse. These are words to live by at any time, but after the news I got yesterday they seem especially appropriate. 

     My boss called me from California yesterday. I work remotely here on the East Coast, so there’s nothing unusual about her calling me. I had noticed that her scheduled time off was over yesterday, but I hadn’t seen her online all afternoon my time. 

     My first thought was that she must have decided to extend her vacation by a day or two, but when she called me I found out that she had broken her ankle and will be on short term disability for at least a month. The repairs to her ankle will involve screws and plates to stabilize it. I immediately felt awful for her and her situation. We talked for about 30 minutes and I told her that I was always available if she needed to talk while she is laid up at home. 

     After I got off the phone, I realized how fortunate I am. I have Hal (person) and The Stooges here with me and I have not suffered any broken bones. I am mobile and ambulatory. I am fortunate and I realize that things could be worse. That is the lesson I will carry into 2020. 

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