Dreamer’s World December 07, 2019 -The Quiet Times

     Today started out with no real plans. A quick review of the pantry revealed that we needed to go to the grocery store, and we combined that with a shopping trip. Thankfully, neither of us bought anything other than a quick lunch before the grocery store, and then we came home. 

     With our excursion completed by 1300, I then decided that it was time to get some laundry done as well as straightening up around the apartment. I predict that the rest of the day and the evening will be just like this. I have no plans to try to rush through things, I’ll take my time and make sure things are done right. 

     I even found myself shutting the TV off to enjoy some peace and quiet as Hal is resting in the other room. Some classical music or some jazz is all I need right now to make an already perfect afternoon even better. If we stay home for the rest of the day, I’m just fine with that decision. 

     Of course, The Stooges are here to keep us company. 

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