Dreamer’s World December 31, 2019 – Creating And Embracing The Calm

     As my last day at work for 2019 creeps towards its ending, I find myself consciously choosing to slow things down all around me. Through the years I have learned that all the exciting things aren’t necessarily the things that are best.

 After work, Hal and I went to Best Buy to shop and then had an early dinner at Red Robin before stopping at the grocery store on the way home. We got back before 1800 and stayed in for the rest of the evening. I am not certain if I will stay up until midnight or not at this point.

It is better to have happiness and know that slowing things down and embracing the calm is the best thing that one can do on New Year’s Eve. I hope that we will all have a terrific 2020.

Dreamer’s World December 31, 2019 -It Could Be Worse

     A thought for the last day of 2019. It could be worse. These are words to live by at any time, but after the news I got yesterday they seem especially appropriate. 

     My boss called me from California yesterday. I work remotely here on the East Coast, so there’s nothing unusual about her calling me. I had noticed that her scheduled time off was over yesterday, but I hadn’t seen her online all afternoon my time. 

     My first thought was that she must have decided to extend her vacation by a day or two, but when she called me I found out that she had broken her ankle and will be on short term disability for at least a month. The repairs to her ankle will involve screws and plates to stabilize it. I immediately felt awful for her and her situation. We talked for about 30 minutes and I told her that I was always available if she needed to talk while she is laid up at home. 

     After I got off the phone, I realized how fortunate I am. I have Hal (person) and The Stooges here with me and I have not suffered any broken bones. I am mobile and ambulatory. I am fortunate and I realize that things could be worse. That is the lesson I will carry into 2020. 

Dreamer’s World December 30, 2019

The days are getting longer, the year is almost over, and my insomnia is still with me. Nothing out of the ordinary for me right now. I simply hope for a quiet rest of 2019 and a good 2020 to follow.

The start of the year means that our next move is getting closer. We haven’t decided on the exact apartment yet, but I expect that will happen before the end of February, if not sooner than that. Hal (person) and I are ready to celebrate 20 years together during the first week of 2020, and we are stronger together than ever before. The move is something that we both decided was necessary, and our preferred locations will take us further away from DC because of the cost.

We got word that one of our friends will also be moving in 2020, but he is leaving the area altogether and heading west to Washington state. We wish him nothing but the best, although he won’t be leaving until late in 2020, well after we have moved. Our circle of friends keeps shrinking for various reasons, but that is out of our control.

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I will say that I want to write more in 2020. I want to practice guitar more regularly in 2020. I want to be more productive in 2020. I want to get rid of the Nazi in the White House in 2020. I want the world to be a better place in 2020.

It sounds like an impossible list, but that is only because it hasn’t been acted on yet. Hopefully, one thing will lead to another and the next thing we know, all those goals will be met.

Dreamer’s World December 27, 2019

The year is drawing to a close and I am still trying to figure out something to write about that is worthwhile. I have hit the wall and am experiencing writer’s block over the last few months. The worst part is that my motivation to write is beginning to suffer from each day that passes without any progress.

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but if I were to make one for 2020 it would be to dedicate myself again to my writing.


I tried using MacJournal to see how well it integrates with WordPress. A failed project to get me through another sleepless night. MacJournal is no good to me as a blogging aid. At least I can post this great pic of Stevie Nicks.

Dreamer’s World December 07, 2019 -The Quiet Times

     Today started out with no real plans. A quick review of the pantry revealed that we needed to go to the grocery store, and we combined that with a shopping trip. Thankfully, neither of us bought anything other than a quick lunch before the grocery store, and then we came home. 

     With our excursion completed by 1300, I then decided that it was time to get some laundry done as well as straightening up around the apartment. I predict that the rest of the day and the evening will be just like this. I have no plans to try to rush through things, I’ll take my time and make sure things are done right. 

     I even found myself shutting the TV off to enjoy some peace and quiet as Hal is resting in the other room. Some classical music or some jazz is all I need right now to make an already perfect afternoon even better. If we stay home for the rest of the day, I’m just fine with that decision. 

     Of course, The Stooges are here to keep us company.