Dreamer’s World November 24, 2019 – My Mimosa

The “holiday season“ is officially here. The proof came last when Hal and I went to our neighborhood supermarket to get some groceries. The first clue that things were out of control was the overcrowded parking lot. Thankfully, we found a spot in the underground parking garage so we avoided the rain and drizzle that seemed absolutely essential to complete this task. 

     Of course, the store was extremely crowded, even for a dreary Saturday night. I decided that our trip for just a few items was changing into a trip to get everything I could think of to prepare some special meals for Thanksgiving week. I was not going to fight crowds which would only get worse for things later when I could get them while already at the store. 

     The first item on my new list was some chicken breasts. I got a set of 8 , individually sealed, and my plan is from r half of them to go into the Instant Pot and the other half I will cook in the oven. I have never had any really good luck with cooking a turkey, so I stopped trying years ago. In addition to the chicken breasts I also got some chicken flavored stuffing to make and some corn and beans to prepare as well.

    The next stop was the produce section, where I got 3 onions to divide between the Instant Pot and the other half of the chicken, where raw onion is a side item according to personal taste (hint – I love them). I also got 2 bunches of asparagus to steam on the stove for either chicken dish, some mushrooms for the Instant Pot chicken, as well as a large Green Pepper also for the Instant Pot chicken.

    Of course, I stopped at the spice section and got salt and pepper, because I always run out at the most inconvenient times. Some instant potatoes, because with all the other cooking I will be doing I don’t need another task with preparing whole potatoes. Two bottles of barbecue sauce for the chicken I will make in the oven in order to properly marinate the chicken before cooking, and I felt like I was doing with shopping.

    As I began to make my way towards the checkout, I realized that I had forgotten something that I decided would be a great addition at home. I needed orange juice because orange juice is very healthy. Then I decided that I needed something to go with the orange juice. Champagne, of course!

M-m-m-my Mimosa