Dreamer’s World November 05, 2019 – A Change Of Seasons

Today is Election Day here in Virginia, so Hal and I bundled up against the barely above freezing weather to go and vote early this morning. The change in weather reminds me that the seasons are slowly passing by.

Our voting place is at the local elementary school. Memories came flooding back as we entered the building and made our way to the cafeteria. We filled out our ballots while sitting at the lunch tables and I found myself remembering my own childhood many years ago in a cafeteria, eating lunch and wondering what it would be like to be a grown-up. I know that answer now, and I sometimes wish that I was still a child instead.

The first school that I attended is long gone now. It was an ancient building from the turn of the 20th century, and it looked like a miniature castle.

This is the only image I can find of that old school building. It was torn down in 1975, I believe, after a new building was constructed next to it. Obviously, things were old in this building, in fact, our desks looked like these

The seat in front of the desk was for the desk that was in front of it. Yeah, it was old. By the time I was in 6th grade, the new building was completed and that is where I spent that one year before moving on to a much more modern junior high school.

I realize that my experiences make my life unique, and I am proud of that. It helps me to enjoy a short trip down Memory Lane as the seasons change.

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