Dreamer’s World October 02, 2019 – A Painless Choice

    I took a big step today. I finally signed off the last social media account that I still had open (I don’t count this blog as a social media account) and it was so painless and easy that within 5 minutes I wondered why I had waited so long.

    My job has exposed me to multiple levels of why it is time to leave social media in the past. There is practically zero security, and whatever caution you might take to protect yourself can be undone very easily and quickly either by accidental actions of friends online or by malicious people willing to lurk and collect enough data about you to make it profitable for them to sell that information.

    I don’t have a close family to connect with online. I don’t make friends with people on the internet. I found zero interesting things to keep me there. It was time to go, and that was that. I know people who cannot break their social media addiction, but I am powerless to help them until they admit that they want to quit on their own.

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