Dreamer’s World September 13, 2019 – Start Of Fall?

     Today certainly started out feeling like Fall had arrived with a vengeance. A damp and dreary and cool early morning greeted me as I left the apartment to fight my way through traffic to the client’s office.

     I checked the weather forecast and found out that the weather won’t change much through the rest of the day. This means that today will be about 25 degrees cooler than yesterday.

     The day at work was on the quiet side, and that suited me just fine. I’m ready for the weekend regardless. I don’t expect any plans for the evening, and I’m already looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow morning.

Dreamer’s World September 13, 2019 – Another Piece Of My Childhood Died Today, But He Had Two Tickets To Paradise

Another piece of my childhood died today when I heard that Eddie Money passed away due to cancer. Although never a major star, his music was something that always caught my attention and made me feel wonderful. I am including three videos of his lesser-known songs that I always loved.

R.I.P. Eddie Money, enjoy your tickets to Paradise.