Dreamer’s World September 12, 2019 – Small Steps

Every time I set a new goal for myself, the first thing I must do is to get a sense of perspective before I try to plan too much. What I am talking about resembles the old bell curve that so many of us are familiar with

We all start at the left-hand side of the curve, with all our grand plans and ideas to make the world a better place. When we start out, we find that things often go very slowly and that our progress doesn’t become apparent until later on. This is the point at which the curve starts to rise. Momentum will carry us up the curve if we maintain our progress towards the end goal. Too often we cannot see over the crest of the curve to our final destination, but we know it is there. We just have to keep pushing.

When we reach the crest of the curve, we can clearly see how far we have come, and how far we still have to go. This is the moment when the temptation to rest and forget things is very great. It derives from a sense of complacency because we can see what we have already accomplished. In itself, this is not laziness, but it is not a long trip to get there, so we must be cautious at times like this.

When we start the journey down the far side of the curve, it is tempting to let momentum simply carry us along without putting in the same amount of effort that got us up the other side of the curve in the first place.

Focus is the key to completing any task that we set for ourselves. The small steps are the most important because, without them, the big steps lead nowhere.