Dreamer’s World September 11, 2019 – An Unfortunate Anniversary

9/11 is a day that changed things for those of us who are old enough to remember that day clearly as adults. The world became a darker place as we were told that suddenly we had enemies everywhere. The stench of paranoia and fear that was created on this day 18 years ago still lingers over us. We lost so much that day in addition to the actual victims of the attacks.

As a nation, we lost our ability to view things with a reasoned eye. This was surrendered to those who already wanted to impose their own worldview onto the rest of us. The herd mentality was encouraged and individuality was frowned upon if it disagreed in any way with the “military solution” to what was, and remains a political and ideological problem. Guns and bombs cannot defeat ideas, and the last 18 years have proven this.

The ability to think rationally has diminished in favor of right-wing extremism and faux “patriotism” that serve as the glue to hold things together while ignoring the underlying problems in the world. As a veteran myself, I am offended by the concept that we are supposed to be referred to as “heroes” while the government that we served continues to take away the benefits that were earned and then creates front organizations to “take care of our heroes” instead. If you won’t take care of combat veterans, then don’t create them in the first place!

Somewhere in America today, a young man or woman will walk into a recruiting station and sign up to defend our nation. I applaud and salute them for their decision. I fear, however, that those young men and women who can sign up as of today, 9/11/19 do not realize that they have grown up entirely suffocated by this fake “patriotism” and cannot realize that 18 years of struggle proves that guns and bombs cannot win a struggle that exists in peoples’ minds to begin with. If military might was the deciding factor, this would have been over with many years ago.

It makes you wonder why those in power seem to want this war to continue forever, doesn’t it? Read Orwell for some perspective on perpetual warfare as a means of control.  

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