Dreamer’s World September 10, 2019 – Unfinished

When I dutifully snapped the picture of Snoopy and The Gang in order to start writing my daily blog post, I was struck by something when I returned to Google Drive and Google Docs to begin writing. There are multiple entries in the September folder that are incomplete. They are unfinished.

I started reading through each of the abandoned posts and found the same narrative regarding my recent vacation and how I wished that it was still happening. I thought for a few minutes about what to do with these old posts that never were completed, and then I made my decision.

There was no value in attempting to recreate those posts since the magic viewpoint had passed. I could not snap my fingers and go back to the moment in time when I was writing those posts. They served a bigger purpose and that was to remind me of things that are unfinished.

I will do my very best to start and finish these daily blog posts from now on. I found it rather depressing to look back at posts that were unfinished, knowing that they will never change from that state of incompletion.

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