Dreamer’s World September 10, 2019 – Social Media Update

It seems like every day there is another instance of personal data being leaked through social media. The halcyon days when social media was going to change the world are long gone now, the thrill has been replaced by the realization that nothing is what it seems, nor what was promised.

Personally, I began my own divorce from social media several years ago. The decision was made partially to protect me, but also because the thrill was gone. I was not getting the results I had hoped for from social media, and I found the sense of isolation there was the same as it can be in the real world. Honestly, I had to recognize my own self-worth before I could make the decision to withdraw from social media.

I don’t miss it at all. I thought that the decision would be difficult, and I was right about that, but once it was made everything got better rather than worse.

Dreamer’s World September 10, 2019 – Unfinished

When I dutifully snapped the picture of Snoopy and The Gang in order to start writing my daily blog post, I was struck by something when I returned to Google Drive and Google Docs to begin writing. There are multiple entries in the September folder that are incomplete. They are unfinished.

I started reading through each of the abandoned posts and found the same narrative regarding my recent vacation and how I wished that it was still happening. I thought for a few minutes about what to do with these old posts that never were completed, and then I made my decision.

There was no value in attempting to recreate those posts since the magic viewpoint had passed. I could not snap my fingers and go back to the moment in time when I was writing those posts. They served a bigger purpose and that was to remind me of things that are unfinished.

I will do my very best to start and finish these daily blog posts from now on. I found it rather depressing to look back at posts that were unfinished, knowing that they will never change from that state of incompletion.