Dreamer’s World September 04, 2019 – Vacation

Vacations are hit and miss. Sometimes they are awesome, and sometimes they just suck.

This vacation is somewhere in the middle of that scale. I am enjoying my time off, but I also find that there are times when I’m exhausted for absolutely no reason at all, and I wonder what the cause of the feeling really is?

Today has started quietly, until things were rudely interrupted by a noisy cat fight between The Stooges. I couldn’t see what caused the uproar, but it took several minutes to get everyone separated and calmed down.

I continued doing laundry as the enforced timeouts slowly calmed everyone down. Unfortunately I will probably be here most of the day doing laundry, because it has been neglected during my time off from work.

The morning eventually calmed down and I continued doing laundry. At this point, I really can’t see getting out before my chiropractor and acupuncture appointment at 1600 this afternoon. Hopefully the laundry will be a distant memory by then.

I suppose the other thing that is really bothering me right now is the lack of information coming from my cousins involving their Dad. He was put into hospice several months ago, and that’s normally not a good move. However, I am getting zero information since then, and I’ve reverted back to my old practice of trying to ignore the entire situation. There are four second cousins to take care of their Dad without me getting mixed up in that shitstorm.

I won’t be finished with laundry before it is time to go to the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. Depending on whether or not Hal wants to go anywhere after I’m done, I might resume laundry this evening if I feel like it.