Dreamer’s World August 22, 2019 – Another False Start?

I hope that this blog post won’t wither and die without ever being published. I have fallen into a rut of starting a blog post and then never getting around to finishing it. I know that we all go through phases like this from time to time, but it irritates me when I see it happening and know that nothing will stop it. The pattern just has to run its course and it will work itself out naturally.

I have found and used several excuses to attempt to justify not writing and posting. The most common excuse is that I have felt like shit for the better part of a week. However, that doesn’t preclude me from writing some after work.

I also tried to excuse myself by thinking about my workload, but this is just another cop-out. I can handle what is thrown at me, I have just chosen to not put forth the effort to write and publish.

There, I have publicly shamed myself. I will try once again to get back into the writing habit before I do any further damage to my psyche. 

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