Dreamer’s World August 12, 2019 – Recovery

Since last Thursday, I have felt like someone drove a truck over me repeatedly and then left it parked on top of me. Even this morning, I am still trying to recover, but even this Monday morning, I feel closer to zero than a hero.

I am trying to make it through the day at work without taking another day off. If I can manage this, then I have to take Jax to the vet for his first official visit since he arrived here 8 days ago.

Yesterday, Jax made a major breakthrough by coming out and exploring the apartment with Stevie Nicks and Hal The Cat around all the time. There were a few hissing contests, but nothing that required intervention. Jax spent most of the day exploring and not hiding, which was a major accomplishment. Jax is making great strides, and his presence has helped to ease the passing of Spartacus.

I hope that I feel better as the day passes here and that tomorrow will improve upon today. I want to get myself back into a routine that helps me gain energy and feel better on a regular basis.

As the afternoon goes on, I know that I will make it through the day here at work. Once the meetings are over, there will be very little time left in the day before Jax’s veterinary appointment. Once that is over with, I want to come back home and relax.

If there is any justice, I will get a great night of rest and feel 100% better tomorrow.

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