Dreamer’s World August 06, 2019 – A Time Of Adjusting For Everyone

With the arrival of Panther, the newest Stooge, things have really become crazy around here. First of all, both Hal and I have had a terrible time remembering the name “Panther” so we decided that since he is young enough and new to us, that we will name him “Jax” instead. Jax was a name that both Hal and I could agree on that is short and easier to remember.

So, Jax is settling in slowly. The first nose-to-nose encounter took place accidentally last night when Hal The Cat managed to run through the door to the bedroom where Jax has been staying since he arrived on Sunday. There wasn’t much verbal communication until Jax decided to hiss at Hal The Cat, Hal THe Cat hissed back, and that was it before we physically separated the two of them. Not a bad first accidental encounter for all concerned.

Jax has his own personality and we can already tell that he will liven the place up compared to Spartacus. Jax loves to curl around my feet when I am sitting and typing 9like right now) and this is a behavior that we haven’t had in a cat before. I just have to be mindful of where Jax is when I decide that it is time to stand up or move my feet.

Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks are still going through their grieving process over Spartacus, and this will affect their introductions to Jax. Time will make everything better, but for now, there are still some instances of hissing and an occasional growl. For this reason, Jax is still being kept in a separate room.

Personally, I just want to lay down and take a nap as soon as I can after work this afternoon. With luck, at least one of The Stooges will sleep with me for a little while. I know that exhaustion is creeping up on me after a long and stressful weekend. It is time to take things easy for a change.

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