Dreamer’s World August 05, 2019 – Three Strange Days

The weekend was a complete blur for me. On Saturday afternoon we had to take Spartacus to the emergency vet because he was not eating and was visibly wasting away. After some initial hopeful thoughts from the vet, they discovered that Spartacus had stomach cancer that had metastasized to other parts of his body and that was causing the lack of appetite and weight loss. We had to make the terribly difficult decision to put him to sleep rather than prolong his life with meds that would have him sedated most of the time anyway.

Spartacus loved to lay in the sun as much as possible. He remained a good-natured cat throughout his life, and in 17+ years I never recall him hissing or snapping at us. Sleep well, Buddy.

Sunday morning arrived and Hal and I were still hurting when we went to start looking for a new cat to share our home with. Experience has taught us that it is better to find a new cat in need of a home as soon as possible rather than dwell exclusively on losing a buddy like Spartacus. We found our newest addition, a 1-year old named Panther. Yes, he looks like a mini-me version of Hal The Cat.


Hal The Cat

It won’t be that difficult to tell them apart, Hal is much larger, and we also put a red collar on Panther. So far they have not been totally introduced, but each is aware that the other is here now, and Stevie Nicks also realizes that there is both someone missing and someone new in the place.

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