Dreamer’s World August 03, 2019 – No News Is Good News?

The old saying goes ” No news is good news,” but I wonder how true that really is at times like this. My deceased cousin’s husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s and was placed in hospice about a month ago. Other than a few text message conversations I haven’t heard anything else. It’s been well over a week now, and all I can do is to hope that the old saying is true in this case.

I reached out again to the family today, but my expectations for getting a response is really low right now. Actually, there’s a good chance that I might get some kind of short and cryptic response that will mean the same thing as no response at all. I honestly only think about the situation when there is nothing else on my mind at the moment. I suppose that I should just move on with everything else in my life and hope that I’ll be remembered if anything happens.

I know that once things are over with, and my cousin’s husband has passed away, that it will very likely mark the last times I will hear from my second and third cousins at all. The estrangement has been in place for many years and I don’t see any way out of the predicament.

Am I hesitant to say goodbye? Or am I just wanting to get the goodbyes done and over with? I wish I knew the answer to that question.