Dreamer’s World August 01, 2019 – Together Time In The Kitchen

I’m glad that I cooked dinner last night. The time spent with Hal was priceless and the enjoyment of dinner and wine made it a very special evening. I suppose that this is the type of thing that Charlie Brown and Snoopy are indicating on today’s calendar page. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of extra things to enjoy the moment with those you love and care about. It is the simple act of being together that is really important, and worth remembering, that makes the time special.

For the record, dinner was delicious and there is enough food for dinner tonight as well. There is no point in cooking for two people every single night. I hope that when we move next year that we will get the apartment we really want. That apartment has an open kitchen which will make the entire experience much more pleasant because it won’t isolate me from things by being in the kitchen. Cooking dinner will be a much more enjoyable experience in the new place once we are settled in. If only time moved more quickly, we would already be in the new apartment. Alas, we must continue to wait until Spring before we move.

Dreamer’s World August 01, 2019 – The Tough Choice

We often are told that the correct decisions are the tough ones to make. That is true for me today as I wait to send back the new guitar that arrived yesterday. Honestly, I had already canceled the order to prevent facing this dilemma, but the box was shipped out 3 days later regardless. I am sure that was so the vendor could temporarily get some money from me, although now they will have to refund it.

The tough decision involved the situation with Spartacus. The poor guy isn’t doing well right now and we need to save money for his treatment. While the new guitar was a dream of mine, it wasn’t the right thing to do now. I knew that if I kept the guitar and things got really tight with money that I would actually end up hating the guitar because I would know that it helped to contribute to the problem, and the enjoyment of playing it would vanish, and I would stop playing it altogether.

The box remained unopened overnight and served as a diversion for The Stooges as it waits in the hall for the FedEx person to come by to take it away at some point today. The temptation to open it was palpable, but I had to resist it so I can get my money back. I just hope that the FedEx person shows up sometime before this evening so the box will be out of the apartment altogether.

I know that I made the right choice, I just wish that the right choice was easier some of the time.