Dreamer’s World August 22, 2019 – Another False Start?

I hope that this blog post won’t wither and die without ever being published. I have fallen into a rut of starting a blog post and then never getting around to finishing it. I know that we all go through phases like this from time to time, but it irritates me when I see it happening and know that nothing will stop it. The pattern just has to run its course and it will work itself out naturally.

I have found and used several excuses to attempt to justify not writing and posting. The most common excuse is that I have felt like shit for the better part of a week. However, that doesn’t preclude me from writing some after work.

I also tried to excuse myself by thinking about my workload, but this is just another cop-out. I can handle what is thrown at me, I have just chosen to not put forth the effort to write and publish.

There, I have publicly shamed myself. I will try once again to get back into the writing habit before I do any further damage to my psyche. 

Dreamer’s World August 14, 2019 – Overcoming Adversity

I was going to spend time writing last night about a misadventure that Hal and I shared, but since it was Hal’s birthday I decided to wait until today to recap what happened. It goes to show that people can be pricks at the most unexpected times.

After work yesterday, I took Hal to the Acupuncturist for his birthday session. The hour passed by and he emerged feeling totally relaxed. I asked him where he wanted to have dinner on his birthday and he said “Ciao Osteria” which is right across the street from the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist offices. We have always loved having dinner at Ciao since the food and atmosphere are always excellent.

Even though I was still feeling the after-effects of the crud, and decided that I was going to have a lite dinner myself, we went into the restaurant at a little after 1700. There were 1 or 2 tables occupied and I indicated that we would like a table or booth for 2 people. The young lady informed us that they were expecting a large crowd for the evening but at first, this remark didn’t concern me much because we were there early while most people were leaving work or were stuck in traffic.

The young lady showed us to the tiniest table in the place, haphazardly crammed into what seemed to be an available corner. Hal immediately said that he didn’t want to be seated there, and I agreed with him. We told the young lady that we were leaving before we even had the chance to sit down, we said that we weren’t happy with the seating and that we were leaving. The young lady and an older woman at the hostess station didn’t say anything as we left.

I then asked Hal where he wanted to try next. He indicated Bonefish Grille and that is where I took him. We were treated like royalty there, which came as a pleasant surprise after the unpleasant experience at Ciao. Hal indicated that he picked up on some really negative energy when we were at Ciao, so I decided to write up a quick review on Google and Yelp about our experience. The review stated that we weren’t happy with how we were treated simply because we arrived without reservations. I hit submit and within a few minutes, as we were beginning to enjoy our dinner at Bonefish, the reply from the “management” at Ciao arrived.

The message was rude and offensive. It stated that the young lady had “offered to move us to a larger table”. This is what I call a LIE because it never happened. Her response then stated that I cannot always get what I want, but that “I should be happy with what they give me”. I was now seeing the reply through a rapidly reddening field of vision.

I decided to wait until we got home before I would respond to this reply. I wasn’t really surprised that by that time the response had been deleted and replaced by a corporate reply about how sorry they were and they looked forward to the chance to improve on our next visit. I wish that I could have gotten a screenshot of the initial response because it is more than obvious that someone (owner) must have read the response and taken it down.

I called out Ciao on Yelp asking why they had removed their first response. The only answer was to repeat the corporate (second) response as if nothing had happened. I decided that I had enough of the bullshit and went to bed.

Hal was pissed, and he had every right to be. Birthday dinner plans ruined at the last minute, although Bonefish Grille stepped up to the plate and delivered a grand slam.

Ciao Osteria in Centreville, VA lost some customers last night. Customers who had raved about the food and the service received there in the past. Perhaps ownership has shifted priorities, who knows? Hal and I do know that we will never spend any of our money at Ciao Osteria ever again.

Dreamer’s World August 13, 2019 – Alive Again

I woke up this morning with the strangest sense of calm. I had to relish the feeling before I finally realized that I didn’t feel like shit as I woke up. I hesitated to get out of bed, content with Hal The Cat laying beside me and purring away happily. After a few minutes, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and touched the floor. So far, no nausea. I went to the bathroom and measured my BG and found that it had dropped back to normal range after being way too high over the last few days, no matter what I did to try and control it.

I finally realized that this strange sensation I was experiencing was me actually feeling normal again after five days of the crud. I started work here at home, still unsure of things, but determined to make today a good day if at all possible.

By definition, today will be a great day because it is Hal’s (person) birthday! I want to take him out after work for dinner and to give him his gift (an acupuncture session) and then spend the rest of the evening home together. Hal is the most important person in the world to me and on his birthday, I never want him to doubt it.

As far as myself, any time that I don’t feel like shit is welcome. I hope that the crud is gone for good, but as long as I can feel good for Hal today, I will be happy.  

Dreamer’s World August 12, 2019 – Recovery

Since last Thursday, I have felt like someone drove a truck over me repeatedly and then left it parked on top of me. Even this morning, I am still trying to recover, but even this Monday morning, I feel closer to zero than a hero.

I am trying to make it through the day at work without taking another day off. If I can manage this, then I have to take Jax to the vet for his first official visit since he arrived here 8 days ago.

Yesterday, Jax made a major breakthrough by coming out and exploring the apartment with Stevie Nicks and Hal The Cat around all the time. There were a few hissing contests, but nothing that required intervention. Jax spent most of the day exploring and not hiding, which was a major accomplishment. Jax is making great strides, and his presence has helped to ease the passing of Spartacus.

I hope that I feel better as the day passes here and that tomorrow will improve upon today. I want to get myself back into a routine that helps me gain energy and feel better on a regular basis.

As the afternoon goes on, I know that I will make it through the day here at work. Once the meetings are over, there will be very little time left in the day before Jax’s veterinary appointment. Once that is over with, I want to come back home and relax.

If there is any justice, I will get a great night of rest and feel 100% better tomorrow.