Dreamer’s World July 31, 2019 – Someone To Lean On

July is almost over. At times, this month seemed to fly past, at other times it seemed to never end. Through it all, I have always had Hal (person) here to lean on. We have supported each other over the last almost 20 years, and we get stronger together each day.

I often tell Hal that I might not be here if we had not met. I was in a dark place when he came into my life. I was deeply depressed and enthusiastically drinking myself into oblivion. It was just a matter of time until I did something stupid, dangerous, or both. I saw no real point to the whole life thing at that time.

When Hal and I started dating, I could easily throw down 6 or more strong mixed drinks in just an hour or so without any effects. To his credit, Hal never mentioned that to me. Instead, he found things for us to do that took me away from the opportunity to keep drinking, and I never even realized it at the time.

I know that I have the alcoholic gene in me. I have never had a hangover in my life, even after bouts of drinking which have left others sicker than they have ever been. The road was wide open for me to drink myself to death, and yet Hal saved me. I never realized how much I leaned on him at that time, and he never said a word to me about it. And here we are still together and we will soon celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Happiness is having someone to lean on, but make sure that it is not totally a one-way relationship in that regard. Always be there for each other. I was able to let Hal lean on me when he went through his own tough times, and I did so without even mentioning it to him because I had learned that valuable lesson from him.

If we love each other, and we know that we can lean on each other when we are tired, then the world will be a better place for us all.