Dreamer’s World July 30, 2019 – Unexpected Laughter

Today is a day to hope for the unexpected laughter that has so excited Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I feel like I could really use that in my life this morning because the weight of the world seems to be crashing down on me. This feeling is normal after several nights of insomnia, so other than the physical exhaustion I am not terribly concerned about anything else right now It simply never happens that days like this have the unexpected laughter that would be so very welcome.

Thankfully, this should be another slow day at work and I can get caught up on things and even work ahead if I can get things organized the right way. Ironically I get some of my best work done on days like this.

Life itself continues to zero in on things here at home. I mean this in a good way, just that outside influences are dwindling away, and I personally like that. My priorities should be here with Hal and The Stooges. The medical issue with extended family that I mentioned about a week or so ago has mysteriously gone quiet, at least as far as them telling me anything. I decided that I have made the efforts to express my sympathy and interest, so it is their decision to either let me know what is happening or to go silent. Honestly, going silent is what they have done historically so this isn’t a surprise to me. This lack of communication isn’t unexpected, so there is no emotional turmoil to deal with. The feeling of isolation from the extended family is also nothing new and is something that I learned to deal with many years ago.

It seemed like years passed before lunchtime arrived. At least I know that the day is more than halfway done as I ate my lunch. I am looking forward to a visit with the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist after work this afternoon. If there is any Justice, I will sleep better tonight. This afternoon will test my endurance as there are meetings to attend that really require zero inputs from me. I will try to work on other projects as I am able to while pretending to listen in to the conference calls.

I’m still waiting for the unexpected laughter that Charlie Brown and Snoopy are enjoying so much.

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