Dreamer’s World July 28, 2019 – Expenses

I managed to get a relatively good night of sleep for a change. As I get myself organized to take on the rest of the day, I am taking stock of things that need to be done versus things that I would like to do, versus things I just want for no reason.

Obviously, the things that I want for no reason are the first things to get cut. I was on the verge of getting a new electric guitar because I had rationalized to myself that I could manage to juggle enough money around to make it happen. After thinking about it, I realized that if I had to go through all the trouble to prove that I could afford it, I really could NOT afford it.

The second category involved a desire to update my personal laptop. While this might be considered more vital than a new guitar, the same principle about affordability applied. Until the existing laptop no longer functions, I cannot justify spending that money.

The last thing involves Spartacus. He is nearly 19 years old and has really started showing signs of senility. He has completely forgotten how to use the litter box and he will sit and stare at something for hours without moving until we pick him up. He will wait until we pick him up and take him to the bathroom before he will unload on the floor. We now are buying the protective pads for dogs so Spartacus will go on those, and so far they are working. Unfortunately, those pads do get rather pricey when we have to buy them for an undetermined amount of time. However, there is no rationalization necessary for this expense. Spartacus is worth more than we can ever express, and taking care of him is the most important thing we can do.

All of this makes sense when taking into account we will be moving again next Spring. Prices are rising steadily around here, and although we love the place, it is just getting too expensive to live here any longer. This means that in addition to taking care of Spartacus for as long as necessary, we also have to budget for the cost of moving in less than a year. Experience has taught us that it is never too early to start the financial planning for that expense.

Hal has said that he wants to go shopping again this afternoon. I hope that he means “looking” rather than ‘buying”, but that will be another blog post.

Dreamer’s World July 27, 2019 – Saturday Musings

     Saturday morning started early for me. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I got out of bed early, took a shower, and waited to leave for the oil change appointment for the Fiesta. I’m glad I arrived early for the appointment because the garage can usually start things early, which means that things are finished sooner.

     Of course there are drawbacks to waiting for the Fiesta to be ready. I’m sitting in the customer waiting area and composing this blog post on my phone while most people are zombified by the TV that is way too loud for my taste. In fact, the TV being on at all makes it too loud for me. I’m making a personal goal to avoid even looking at the TV while I have to be here.

     I hope that Hal (person) will have a plan for the rest of the day by the time I get home. As predicted in an earlier blog post, plans with “friends” fell apart due to their lack of commitment. I made certain that the plans were off yesterday when we got the first indications that the people were preparing an excuse to cancel at the last minute. That behavior really pisses me off. As far as I am concerned, there will not be a next time for that bullshit to happen, I am done with those people, and not only the apostrophes, but the word “friends” will no longer be associated with them.

     The best news of the day was that I only spent about 20 minutes waiting for the oil change! After the trip home, Hal told me that he wanted to go shopping, so we spent the afternoon out. He ended up buying a new backpack. We got back home and I was going over the finances and realized that I am doing better, but I still need to be careful. After some soul-searching, I canceled an order for a guitar that I really wanted because of some medical expenses for Spartacus. He is becoming senile and requires some additional medicine. Spartacus is more important than a guitar.

That wraps up a busy Saturday. More to talk about tomorrow, I’m sure.