Dreamer’s World July 26, 2019 – Happiness Is A New Day

Happiness is indeed a new day. A chance to start over again and improve on things from yesterday and make them better in preparation for tomorrow. Fridays remind me of how fragile time is because the weekend is almost here, and before I know it, that weekend will fade into the past.

My first goal is to get through the day at work. I always try to leave a little time at the end of the Friday workday to lay out my plans for Monday morning, rather than rushing headlong into things after the weekend. I find that my mind relaxes more when I take those extra few minutes to get ahead of things.

After work, Hal and I have the entire weekend to ourselves. The only thing on the agenda is getting the oil change done to my car tomorrow morning. Plans to get together with “friends” fell apart wen, predictably, we got a text saying that they were under the weather and that tomorrow wasn’t such a good idea. I didnt say what I wanted to, I told them that I hoped they felt better soon and left it at that. Both Hal and I fully expect a miraculous recovery from them in order to get together with someone else at the same time tomorrow. Life moves on and Karma is a bitch.

After work was over, Hal and I went shopping and then stopped for dinner. We came home early, there are no plans to venture out again this evening. Tomorrow morning I will take the Fiesta to get an oil change and then see what the rest of the weekend has in store for us.

I did make one purchase this evening after we came home, but it will be another blog entry to cover all those details, hopefully by the middle of next week.