Dreamer’s World July 25, 2019 – 10 Years

I just received a notification from WordPress that my blog turns 10 years old today. I had no idea that today was such a special day. I took the time to go and look at the blog summary and found that I have posted nearly 4000 times over those 10 years. Again, this seems almost impossible to me, and yet here it is.

Call it serendipity, but I just wrote another post and speculated if this blog was going to continue for much longer. I still don’t have the answer to that, but at least I have a much better idea about what I would be giving up if I decide that it is time to retire Dreamer’s World in the future. To know that so much time and effort has gone into this gives me a sense of perspective about the blog, and about life.

For all my faults and periods of inactivity, Dreamer’s World means a lot to me. It isn’t the whole story of my life over these last 10 years, but it is the portion that I have chosen to share with the rest of the world. I hope that there are a handful of people who have gotten a laugh, or an inspiration, from Dreamer’s World over these last 10 years.

For now, the journey continues.

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