Dreamer’s World July 16, 2019 – A New Chapter

I feel that a change is in order. For some time now, I have felt that something was going on that I could not readily identify. I believe that I have finally found what has been nagging at me, and that is the need for a change.

I have talked with Hal (person) about this and he gave me the answer. People can function well at anything, but only up to a point. As we grow older, this pattern of change isn’t affected, it remains constant. If I do something for a period of time, it becomes stale and the excitement vanishes. I have reached that point with my blog.

Initially, I was always writing something each day, then I fell out of that habit and began plugging in stories that interested me. Although I gained followers, I was losing the biggest reason I started the blog for in the first place, and that was to have the means to express myself and not simply repeat others. I have failed. My blog now consists of me finding a story that I like and posing it without comment or personal observation. When I genuinely want to write, and not simply repost items, I will do so.

I need to disengage myself from the internet for a while. I feel that it has taken control of me rather than me using it. I have withdrawn from most social media, so this won’t be a huge adjustment for me. In fact, it can be seen as the continuation of a longer and larger process.

A new chapter begins, the blank page awaits the telling of new adventures. Let’s begin.

This blog is not being abandoned, but the cobwebs will gather quickly as I search for my inner muse.