Dreamer’s World July 09, 2019 – A Sense Of Unease

Returning to work after a long holiday weekend is never easy. Today is especially difficult because I have felt under the weather since the middle of last night. The nausea is unpleasant, to say the least, but I am managing to get through the day so far. I said a silent thanks when I was told that one of the afternoon meetings had been canceled because that will eliminate the need for me to remain as focused until the very end of the workday. Right now, my focus is something that I am having a hard time with because I am looking forward to a nice long nap if I can manage it.

I have my suspicion about what caused nausea. We ordered pizza last night and it was after that around bedtime that nausea started. I wasn’t able to sleep much, and a few times I thought that I was finally going to throw up, but that never happened. The alarm didn’t wake me this morning because I really wasn’t asleep.

At least the sickness didn’t happen during my time off work. Hal and I had a great time together. The only negative was a text message from my second cousin that her father had been placed in a hospice due to dementia. Although he is not my blood relative, I still think the world of him and wish him the best as time goes on. I was more surprised to hear the news from my second cousin because she is one of the extended family that I have written about in the past, the ones that seldom interact with me for a variety of reasons. I don’t have the time or the desire to open all those closed doors right now.

Hal and I did look at some apartments for the future. We have decided that it is time to move on from here when the lease is up next Spring. The rents in this area are skyrocketing again, and we cannot afford to live here and be comfortable any longer. We will move further out from DC and not suffer much since I work from home and don’t have to suffer through the daily commute. I only have to visit with the client once a week or once every two weeks in order to stay relevant.

I ate a lite lunch so I wouldn’t upset my stomach any further. I will manage to stay busy through several conference calls this afternoon before signing off for the day around 1530.