Dreamer’s World July 01, 2019 – Soon We Will Be On The Move Again

After some serious consideration, it looks like a certainty that Hal and I, along with The Stooges, will be moving once again early next year. The apartment we have loved living in for the last 2 years is going to have yet another big rent increase, and we are just tired of getting ripped off. Hal is now officially retired, so he won’t be making any more money, and I am shouldering all I can now and I don’t want to take on even more burden in terms of rent.

Rather than attempt to move just a little further away from DC to get a lower price is no longer an option because there are so many other people in the same situation that we are in now. We decided to bite the proverbial bullet and look much farther away for our next place. At least 50 miles away, but still near highways and rail lines to get back and forth when needed. Since I work from home there isn’t as much to worry about as far as commuting goes.

The move won’t happen until early next year, but Hal and I have begun looking at places we would like to seriously consider. We will have the time to travel and see the apartment complexes in person while the weather is nice, and we won’t be rushed into making a decision.