Dreamer’s World June 06, 2019 – Moving Forward

I am looking ahead today. I decided that it was long past time to stop worrying about things in the past and focus on the future as well as the present. While I was having my lunch today, I went through my phone and began deleting contacts that I have not heard from or spoken to in years. I have an old habit from my parents of documenting when I communicate with people, they did it for phone calls and letters, I do it for phone calls and letters as well as emails and texts. This system helps identify those that are not worth worrying about any longer because I never have to struggle to remember the last time I was in touch with them or the last time I attempted to contact them.

By the time I was finished with my task, only one name remained in my contact list. I suppose this should make me feel terrible, but instead, I felt liberated because I will no longer look at the other names and wonder what has happened to them. If they haven’t been available to communicate for the last 3 years, then they aren’t worth worrying about any longer. I choose to treasure the remaining friend and forget those who are lost.

The whole thing reminded me that life is for living, not for regrets. Don’t let others determine your own happiness, live life and love one another to make every single day the best it can be.