Dreamer’s World June 03, 2019 – Time To Think

Thankfully, today is a slow day at work. This gives me time to think about things that normally have to wait until later in the evening to ponder. Some of the things are trivial, but others are more important.

By far, the most important thing is our oldest Cat, Spartacus.

Here you can see Spartacus enjoying the warm weather on the balcony. Spartacus is nearly 18 years old, and he is showing signs of dementia. He is still lovable and affectionate, but he has times when he forgets how to use the litter box properly. He also seems confused by simple things that never affected him before, like jumping onto the bed. Now, he falls because he misses the bed completely as if he isn’t seeing it properly.

Hal and I have talked about Spartacus and we will love and care for him as long as possible. Spartacus seems to be content and happy, rather than anxious, angry, or confused with his situation. I suppose that is the best way to describe what I see from him.

Hal and I are dealing with the inevitable when it comes to Spartacus. We don’t want to lose him, but he is nearing the end of a very long and happy life, so we are thankful for every minute with him.

I realize that this isn’t the most pleasant thing to write about, but it is the most pressing issue that I am facing right now. The situation could end quickly, or it could go on for a long time. We have no control over that, we just are going along for the ride.

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