Dreamer’s World May 6, 2019 – Starting A New Journey

Over the weekend, Hal asked me to take him to Barnes and Noble because he wanted to pick up something to read and perhaps a gift for his sister since he is traveling to visit her next week. Thankfully, there are still a few Barnes and Nobles in the area, so I took him to one after he got off from his job.

I left Hal to browse on his own because I have no idea what he might be looking for. I went through the sci-fi section and then into the tech area without finding anything that piqued my interest. I was about to step outside to vape, but first I wanted to find Hal and let him know what I was doing so he wouldn’t spend time looking for me when he was finished. As I was looking for him, this book caught my eye

I’m not sure exactly what caused me to look twice at this book. It could have been the unique pattern on the cover, or the title, or just the mention of the word “journal” that interested me. Regardless, I picked up the book and found the following

Again, I found myself more and more interested in this book and what it was trying to say, then I looked at the next page

This book promises to take me on a journey that I control. It provides a framework for writing without being too picky about how to accomplish each task and topic

I found myself wondering if this book might really help me to get back into writing more often. Obviously, I grabbed it and checked out before I resumed my search for Hal. When I found him, he looked rather amused because I had bought something while he was still browsing the store.

Since Hal will be leaving for his trip in less than a week, I have the time to prepare myself for the time alone with just The Stooges for company. I think that this new book will provide me with some much-needed inspiration while I have the time alone.

I am looking forward to starting this journey.

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